Installing Wi-Fi Extenders is a thing of the past!

Do you really want to be left guessing why the Wi-Fi only has one bar in the laundry room? Maybe you have a shop and you need merchandise cameras? Or you want a RiverNet Wi-Fi Fuel Meter on the 10,000 gallon farm diesel tanks so you know when the tank is getting low, but is there Wi-Fi all the way over there?

Don't just keep adding antennas

Many suffer from poor wifi layouts, difficult construction, and worse-yet, interference. However, the solution isn't typically to add repeaters or additional antennas. There are very rare scenarios when a house benefits form having a repeater in every room! In fact, most customers that start adding numerous repeaters result in self-inflicted interference and do more harm and network damage then good. 

DO take an engineered approach 

and layout additional access points or coordinate frequencies based upon the requirements of the network. Network management doesn't have to be hard, but it should be done right. We're happy to share our experience or take care of the grunt work so you can go back to doing the things that you want to do!

We handle IT, you live your best life

Except for a select few, most people want it to work and they want to forget about what makes it work...and by it, we mean the wifi network. RiverNet offers a white glove level of customer service, striving for absolute ultimate customer satisfaction while maintaining systems so you can forget they even exist!

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