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Compatible with all people!

A service provider that goes 


the expectations

Re-establishing the Gold Standard

RiverNet was born out of the need for high speed internet for our family and a few years later, nothing has changed except the network has grown as the family [and friends] have! 

Service and a "Customer-First" attitude were cornerstone principles passed down in the family's business philosphies. We've taken those principles and done our best to apply them to all aspects of what we do. There's no such answer as "no," but rather "Let's see if we can figure this out." 

RiverNet provides a wealth of services to friends and family, creating a total management, one-stop-shop for everyone. Internet to telephone, televisions to computers, home automation to farmer's irrigation, if it's electronic, we can do it. 


Reported unparalleled customer service


Reported an increase in overall network performance


Retention rate of customers

68% 9% / 31% / 2% 

Cable / Fiber / Satellite / Other 
(Where our customers came from)

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