the primary safety attendant and project supervisor. His attendance record to jobsites is outstanding, however, he has been known to sleep on the job. When not on the job, he loves doing patrols of the yard and dock, inspecting the boat and hedgerows for possible bunny rabbit invasions or hidden tennis balls. 


The Labor
a native to the Sassafras, a 3rd generation to the river. An avid lover of the river and driving boats, he left to attend Texas A&M University, becoming the University's record holder for most classes taken and earning two B.S. degrees and an M.B.A. in under three years. He's a licensed USCG Master and holds an unlimited tonnage license. He started RiverNet while still driving ships abroad. In 2021, he came back stateside to be closer to his fiance, Ashlynd, and run RiverNet while operating harbor assist tugboats as a Captain for McAllister Towing. 


The Boss
imported by Austen from Texas and is important in everyday operations. She is a decorated adult intensive care nurse (ICU) with numerous trainings and specializing in the cardiovascular system. A native Texan, she attended the University of Texas in Austin and competed as a Division I rower and later against Austen as a Division I sailor. Ashlynd has worked in some of the largest/busiest ICU units in the country from Denver, Texas, South Carolina, Delaware, Washington D.C., and Maryland. In 2023, she decided to step down and shift over to becoming a Labor and Delivery Nurse. When not actively managing Austen, she's likely either helping bring new babies into this world or waiting for Austen to finish the daily project and go on a sunset cruise.