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Internet at the Speed of Light!

That's right, you heard it here first! RiverNet is building out to bring you first-rate internet service the way it was meant to be done. No more waiting...and waiting...and waiting. We're here, now. Forget the hit or miss speeds of cell service, the poor speeds of wireless providers, and the poor customer service of fiber and satellite. We're here with a service so many in our area have come to love, the perfect mix of reliability, speed, and top-notch customer service. 


Complements to the internet!
High Speed Internet

We're talking internet at fiber-optic-fast speeds....guaranteed to be faster than you'll ever need!

Complete Network management

Management of all IT hardware so you aren't stuck doing updates or having to troubleshoot problems. 

Local Customer Support

Customer service that's literally your next-door neighbor. You're buying from a company that wants to better their community!

White Glove Service

Offering a top-to-bottom service that ranks second-to-none. We're proud of our work, our relationships, and our customers show it with their continued support. We're here to make your life easier.

Cloud Storage Services

Where is your data really going? With RiverNet, we're happy to show you the two secure locations that house multiple copies and continuously backup each other. 

Outside IT Support

Uh Oh, the TV died. I need a new printer. What's an HDMI cord? Yes, we help with those questions too when handling your internet. 


Offering a telephone option that's crystal clear, devoid of robo calls through a proprietary software design that sets our phone service a step above the competitors!

Got Questions?

Installs have a "backbone" fee which helps offset high network build costs. However, installation costs are dependent on the customer's needs, wants, and budget. Every installation is custom and we stand behind the quality of our work and striving to satisfy the needs of the customer. 

RiverNet is not a primary job nor was it ever intended to be. As a fulltime tugboat captain, half of my month is typically spent aboard a McAllister tug. However, we do make a point to work with you and my [somewhat] flexible schedule to install your service as soon as within an hour (same day). 

Reach out to me! Every customer of RiverNet is given the personal cell of the owners and encouraged to reach out anytime, day or night. We take pride in our customer service, abilities to resolve problems related and askew from the internet, and enjoy helping our neighbors. 

This is a great question and it's not a short answer. However, the abbreviated answer: RiverNet was created to connect the local Sassafras community with high speed internet without the exorbitant costs other ISPs quoted. It was never intended to become a primary source of income and the enjoyment for the service has resulted in an advanced network that's far more advanced (for it's size) than otherwise normal. This hobby-ist interest, coupled with other sources of income, has also meant that RiverNet's backbone is ever-evolving and reinvested in with cutting edge equipment. Many wireless networks are running on antiquated gear with massive oversubscription ratios (how many times can we sell the same space). RiverNet rarely has any gear up longer than two years before it's been replaced and upgraded. RiverNet is proud of its ability to offer symmetrical gigabit and beyond speeds. We're trying to rewrite the reputation of what wireless can be, one neighbor at a time. 

RiverNet serves much of lower Cecil, upper Kent, western Cecil, and New Castle counties. However, RiverNet does service customers outside of our previously-stated areas, just through other means. We offer one concise billing platform for multiple properties/areas to make your life easier. 

RiverNet offers a very different service and we're proud of what we do. However, to directly answer the question, RiverNet offers a comparable service to the three local fiber providers. We use a hybrid wireless/fiber network to deliver service to our customers. All equipment is superior to anything any of our competitors use and our customers rave about the increased quality of service. Our customer base is comprised of former cable, fiber, satellite, and wireless customers. 

Yes and no. For numerous reasons, we are happy and even prefer to work with customers that want to get involved. We enjoy the chance to get to know and establish a personal relationship with our customers while educating them on why we do things the way we do. We also find that some customers can make our lives significantly easier (especially in quirky, older houses) and customers that helped install are more aware of their house' construction. At the end of the day, the customer is still using our antenna and do install that. 

Yes! Many of our customers seek advice or opinions on a full range of questions relating to electronics, and some not! We are happy to help our fellow neighbor however we can and if we don't have an answer, we'll go looking for it!

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