Creating Smarter Farming

bringing the innovation of internet
to the farming world

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to connect the various aspects of a proper working farm to the efficiency and convenience of smart devices

Automated Irrigation Systems

without the monthly burden of a subscription or the delayed response of cell service, we're able to fully automate your Reinke, valley, or zimmatic Pivot irrigation systems to run right off your smartphone. With just a few screen taps, you can start the well pumps, open valves, and begin watering crops. Need less water? No problem. Oh, and don't forget the extra crops planted without the need for a service road to the pivot. 

Smart Fuel Gauges

Keeping track of fuel, especially during harvest season, can be an extra chore that takes away from the task at hand. Few things can be worse than running out of fuel on a weekend with all hands on deck and tractors running dry. with RiverNet's smart gauges and NPT standard threads, fuel is carefully metered and notifications remind you when to order a fuel delivery, gasoline has been sitting too long in the tank, or even giving you fuel statistics per tractor/user. 

Smart Tractors, Connected Tractors

Today's tractors and combines carry more tech than cars with numerous features and connectivity in the name of growing efficiency. Most companies want you to pay a monthly subscription to connect that tractor to the internet, but not anymore. Rivernet can provide farm-wide wifi services, allowing tractors to be connected to your local network even while plowing or harvesting a field. 

Marketing Plan Development

critical feeding systems, environmental monitoring systems, and climate control are amongst a few of the basic systems employed to help farmers raise livestock. Most of this equipment can be tied into the internet, and with that, capable of remote control or even abnormal notifications. RiverNet specializes in careful design and installation of systems while ensuring reliability and lightening-fast support in times of need to keep you moving forward.

Maintaining a Watchful Eye

Whether for security, monitoring, or just peace of mind, cameras a norm in most installations, but they don't need to be obtrusive or dumb. Featuring point-tilt-zoom, license plate reading, fire monitoring, and numerous other features, RiverNet installs commercial-grade gear that isn't your typical, obtrusive security camera. Instead, ours blend in, carefully installed and aimed to provide excellent performance and visuals while not becoming an eyesore or rust stain on the side of a barn. 


Kent/Cecil County Farms utilize RiverNet for their IT needs


Reduced water consumption from automated irrigation systems (plus how many nights not being woken up?)


Farms found unknown/non-identified vehicles visiting. License-plate cameras capture license plates on moving vehicles for report to authorities. 


Customer Satisfaction and retention
(knock on wood!)

B-Hyve's HYDRORAIN Systems

One touch systems

setting stops, automated end guns, and VRI all from just a few taps on a phone or tablet. Even set the pivot to align at a certain time/day for mainteinance!

Tower safety monitor

Get notified if/when a tower gets out of alignment. B-Hyve not only identifies which tower is out of alignment, but proactively shuts down the pivot and well while sending you an alert

Pivot History

Everything a pivot does is logged. Pump stopped, who changed a setting, or why a pivot reversed direction is all logged. The control panel lost power? B-Hyve knows which means you know. 

Pumps? Generator?

Pump controls are integrated and controlled remotely. A remote site run on generator can be started with generator engine info displayed. b-hyve can throw relays, start pumps, and more importantly, shut down equipment in an emergency.

Ease of use

You don't need to be an IT professional to use this equipment. We recommend a tablet for many simply for the larger screen/text. Chances are, if you're able to get online and read this page, you'll already be comfortable controlling your pivots with B-Hyve!

No Cell service, no subscriptions

B-Hyve doesn't add an additional cell service subscription to your bookkeeping. Instead, it makes use of RiverNet's extensive network and farm's internet service to connect, control, and react faster than cell service could ever dream of!

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